Dumbest mistake I made

I made a dumb mistake of upgrading my weapon to 5* when I still have 1 more craft chance available.
The game should be smart enough to give warning there is still one more craft available rather than throw me a long-winded message about 5* being irreversible blah blah.


Your second mistake was coming on here and admitting to a dumb mistake.


As usual, Star Trek provides proper commentary :joy: :rofl:

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It’s not really a mistake, you just forgot to do a extra craft, now you can do another 3 craft.
I craft a huge attack and defense on a impair wepow and now a have a empty slot too , in this case that’s how a planned.

I could have added another 5% to my slot 1 or 2 (assuming crit success) before upgrading to 5*. Hope the community doesn’t make this same mistake… make sure u complete all 3 crafts before upgrading your weapon.

I hope it was no bounded Weapon. So you can try to craft another once with better Stats :hugs:

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It does it say are you sure you want this 5* weapon to be upgraded

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Yep… pretty cut and dry. Basically takes up your whole screen. Not sure what else they could do.


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