Dumb hacker caught

Today guy you will see here that a dumb hacker thinks Uploading stuff onto YouTube won’t get him caught he even shows his hacked rays very recent so he probably still around as this posted 3 days ago @kalishane ban him
@everyone else this is how hackers have been beating u with 2 stars

Thanks will try that.

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That is nothing new, it is cheat engine. It exists like since start of the game.

It takes too much time to cheat like that and it sucks all the fun out of even playing the game. I guess hackers don’t want to have fun, they just want to troll the honest people that play the game.

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Some people Dont play for the challenge only for the over inflated sence of self worth they get by thinking they are either better or smarter than everyone else. Cheat to win is not winning and never will be cause you accomplished nothing other than proving you suck with out it.


Well this is why most of us stopped spending money on the game.We did however beat the hackers a few times using tap joy offers hehehe

They hack or use VK max out thier toons or get all the best weapon upgrades. Have every new 6* and maxed out AR. But i still best them everytime with all 5 standing. They can buy toons DT/PK and trainers but they cant buy the knowledge or skill to build good teams. Why cause they are dumb and never learned how to play only bought thier way to the top and thats not the same.

This guy’s been around for over a year. He makes new accounts whenever he gets banned, which is often xD

Learned a few tricks from the brotha

Now he is in my region