Dumb chat filter

Had an argument with a new faction member and got #### #### ### ####. What I said was for him to “take his cans and leave”. How on Earth did that get filtered?

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U have to say juggs* not cans lol

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Wor##i#g #s in#e#d#d.

Chatbot making conversations impossible in RTS est. 2019. :smirk:


Never forget


Haven’t had it happen to me yet, can the person you said it to flag you in game make it happen faster?
Side question is he not stuck in ur faction till after sr anyway. Tick tick til he gets kicked.

He can report, but only once. So its not that.

Lol every time i post something its disappear

Now JB is gone, off to lie to the star trek people about “free shields for your ship” or “monthly logins”


No, it turned to # as soon as I posted. Not a single bad word. Don’t understand it

That’s what they’re saying @lmwinning but I’ve never used “adult language” and I’m still getting a lot of hashtags. For some of us I think it has to do with experimenting when the chatbot first came out. We weren’t told what we could say and what we couldn’t. No guidelines or warning at all. Words and phrases that weren’t profane or derogatory AT ALL were being muted so we were playing around to see how to get around it to still be able to communicate. Then it built up. More and more hashtags. Very frustrating

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But there is no way anything that I said could have been considered profane.

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### what???

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