Dulce at decorum est

Name a couple things you love about the game.

Name a couple things you are proud of in the game.

Name a couple things dislike about the game.

And finally… name a couple problems you have with the game.

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My faction and onslaught.

The dedication and the Amazing group of friendly players.

Pay to play toons and how they are doing the S-Class cards (we asked for more not less)

That some S-Class toons are worth more than others which is stupid no toon should be worth more than another.
The delays, bugs and mishaps that happen and usually go unnoticed are fixed 4 months later.

Things I love:
The basic concept is immensely fun. The option to customize my team caters to my Strategic/RPG side, the choices of rush/active/atk/defend, the sequence and target choice caters to my tactical/puzzle solver side. Being a daily, dedicated player can land you a spot in a well ranked active faction and you get amazing progress without spending a dime

Things I am proud of:
I was able to intuitively put a team together that could withstand attacks from most OP teams in my region - seeing a raid log defense against the top10 ranked player for 6 times in a row [checked the outcome, it was clearly fought intentionally, not just a hit and flee to drop rep], then seeing three of his factionmates do the same and win on 3rd or 4th attempt only (and losing later again once my shield dropped!) was one of the best moments in my TWD:RTS life.
Also quite proud that while I am generally a “low/mid score” player in war (since I pkay manually and hence slow), I was one of only two peeps (4 of our strongest players in the war party, nonetheless) to consistently beat the last defending general with a double trader team

Things I dislike:
RNG - there’s way too much of it in each and every aspect of the game - be it crafting, mods boxes and mods upgrades, wheel rewards, opponent selection (looking at you, Arenas!!!) but especially the battles themselves - a little RNG of “do I hit for 3k damage or just 1k” is OK, also a bit of “do I risk to attack this toon if he can survive and apply a debuff on me” is acceptable, but lately I feel that almost every action in the game is a coin toss of “do I get screwed or do I get screwed a lot?”
The events always start and end at a rather inconvenient time for me in Central Europe.

My problems with this game:
Bugs. Poor or virtually non-existent QA. Support (which also seems a RNG experience - did I mention I hate RNG?).

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