Dueling Thy Self

@Shawn.Scopely is there a reason why we are unable to do so? instead of duel next to my name it the option to change my defences. :unamused: if my allies can see my team surely we should be able to see our own? :thinking:


Are you asking for the ability to simply view your team or duel your team as well? If just viewing your team is important there are other avenues outside of friendly duels to view your team. If you’re asking why you can’t duel yourself, I do not have an answer to that as I did not design the feature. Feel free to add it to the feedback thread though =)



I would very much want this as it would be so damn epic.


no i mean to actually duel my friendly defence. i will add it to the feedback page but this bring friendly duels to the next level


Actually a good idea.

Instantly thought of this


“Hmmm I don’t have time to play with …”

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I could see dueling myself to test my defense and see how it reacts first hand. It would be easier to do this than listen to second hand feedback.

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I would add my vote to this Edition to the game.
It seems like a simple thing to ask your faction mate to tell you what’s good or bad but it just don’t work out they tell you some weird s***and it doesn’t help you but if you yourself firsthand are doing the testing what else is there to say