Due to solo level ups, I'm kinda unable to get the 250K milestone for the gun parts smh


Please fix the milestones. How are we supposed to complete Dwights gun collection, if the milestones are too high?! Put the milestones back too 100-200 for the first two milestones, so we can get the damn guns. Not everyone has 6*s. Lmao


Someone in my faction milestones have messed up. They scored 50k. Says theyve scored over a mil on their milestones. Hopefully that happens to us all


I agree.


True! but seeing it happen personally, & reading on here nobody is getting the rewards inbox sadly. All I can hope is this renders them to give everyone another chance at those weapons parts via roadmap ect. Aside from
The score being insane for personal rewards this bug too definitely should have a map for the 75 parts people will be missing from last two level ups