Duct tape is not a reward

It is equally as useful as smelling salts!!


It’s outlined in yellow though. That means its special


I have like 17 duct tape left, duct tape is nice for me lol i craft constantly which is also why i have a lot of really good weapons


duct tape is counter-productive

If you craft to get crit upgrades, like everyone… and fail a crit but get a basic, which you dont want… it means you use one of the 3 crafting slots on a weapon.

While, if you only go for crits, and fail, you dont use one of the three slots and can try again.

higher odds at something you dont want isnt helpful.
I never use it.


I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you on something LOL. I never use it either I have better luck without it.

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For the 3rd slot weapon upgrade sure which i do a lot, just grab craft terris and go but for 30% or huge bonus i use duct tape

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This can be applied to anything in game tho, for axample @Apex98 needs ascend medals, i dont as i have no one to ascend. I could use duct tape and gear tho. So ascend medals arnt a good prize for me but duct tape is


not sure about you… but i only get the crits i want 1/30 of the time. (for unique ones) and 1/4th of the time for basic (AR/stat) … meaning even if using it on 3rd upgrade… it’s of minor value.

that said… I havent gotten any valuable unique upgrade in months… I figure Scopes has “upgraded” the odds on the armory.

so duct tape is more than useless.
quit trolling us Scopes!

I dont understand. Lol for the 3rd slot special i can just get terris and not waste a dt or pk since you get what you get there but if i am going for 30%, huge bonus or 5% i use dt and pk and grab crit terris for the best chance at crit success, my ocd cant handle the light blue very large bonus haha

What a lot of rubbish you are better using duct tape for every craft. If you fail the basic craft you fail to crit anyway. Plus you may still make the basic craft and fail the crit floored logic

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Not true apparently once you have slot 3 only use polishing kit and crit territories for the other 2 slots🤷🏼‍♂️ If you want perfect weapons

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I don’t think you’re thinking about this the right way. You’re only concerned with P(crit).

P(crit w tape+kit) = P(success w tape)*P(crit w kit)
P(crit w kit only) = P(success w/o tape)*P(crit w kit)

P(success w/o tape) < P(success w tape)
So: P(crit w kit only) < P(crit w tape+kit)




26 tries for absolute defense on knife hand Rick.Each time I use duct tape and polishing kits at about 70% of the time crit areas. First time I tried without anything critical success absolute defense. So I tried it with a huge bonus, first try. On my second knife and Rick I went for Reflect and got it on the first try.

Going for splash damage on an SMG right now just started one with and one without I will let you know which one works as soon as they are done.

Except that’s not how it works.(as far as it’s been explained this far)

“Success” and “Crit” are completely independent.

@LadyGeek @Kanaima
Care to weight in as the resident experts?

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Tried it on a PVC water pipe once…

I can agree with “almost everything”.

Handyman’s secret weapon

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Is this what @Trout meant? Lol

Yeah. Such motivating rewards.

And I craft every time I get.

I use Gorilla Tape. It’s stronger. :grin::smiley::smile::sweat_smile: