Duct Tape and PK


It’s been said so many times but hasn’t been addressed at all. We need more ways of obtaining these two parts. Grinding levels is boring and arduous, and the chance of getting what you need from disassembling or SR is far too low.
Make a weekly 4* weapon part roadmap, add them into the SD on a rotation, just a surefire (no pun intended) way of getting these on a regular basis. It would make the game far more enjoyable.

Duct Tape, PK, 6*Gear...?

You’ve got more chance of meeting Harry Potter than getting this stuff lately.

Are we going to get any maps for these anytime soon?
Waiting around with nothing to do, no events unless you pay hundreds, where has the excitement gone in this game?

Even Halloween… wtf, coin offer £100, Halloween bag 3000 coins.
Jesus Christ scopely get your shit together.

We are all getting sick of this.

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Ok. So you grind and grind for months to get all the level up rewards. Then what? This is only a temporary solution. We need a steady stream, not occasional boosts.



Two levels in two weeks, 25 pk/dt

Survival road gives out loads of xp, Monday’s and Tuesday’s are relevant again and anything else you farm adds to the grind.

It’s free.

Time consuming ? Depends on how you look at it, if you play regularly then it’s a bonus. If you chip in an hour here or there then yeah it could be viewed as time consuming and tedious.

Roadmaps for parts would be icing on the cake for sure though


I misread the part where you said grind for months to get ALL the rewards, I read it as grind for months to jump a level lol

My bad, now I see what you are saying…

Once we hit 125 then what…?

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75 of each by reaching level 125. And some more with SR and sometimes with 4* weapons road maps.
And I won’t even talk about the ones you can get in tournaments/milestones rewards
Still complaining ? I’d do no effort if I was Scopely when I see this kind of s*** posts.


Edited my post.

My bad, sorry if I came across as an ass


Nah, all good lol. I understand that you can get a good amount through levelling but it would be nice to have another way of obtaining these parts. Like with raid cans, you can get them from SD, daily missions, scav missions, etc.

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  1. Some people have tried 75+ times for one special without obtaining it.
  2. SR and roadmaps rely on luck / long waiting times for small quantities
  3. Not going to score 1 million in a SOLO level for 2 tape and 2 kits
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On a total 30 attempts, I crafted 8 really good weapons.
Scopely can’t throw this kind of objects on a random basis because of luckers. People would complain about weapons again.

It’s a kind of vicious circle.


I’m level 104 and the level gain is a grind, especially since I work full time.
This means PKs and DT come slower for me.

They should really add more maps often to balance this add, considering people’s weapons flop repeatedly.

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Weekly Road Map for PK and DT and a better Chance if u disassemble 4* Weapons.


Already burned through my level 115 PK/DT all garbage results

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Shame any1 beat my 70 trys for stun on attack? fyi didn’t get one


Yes ? No ? Never ? Next year ? We are deeply in need of those things :confused:


There are loads more ways to get them these days. You used to go 6 months without a single one. They are in lvl up rewards, tournament rewards and in SR.


Part of the problem people spending coins to speed up the crafting process…then they are out in days and freak out heh. I’ll be honest that’s one thing I don’t use coins on at all. I know there is a finite amount of those items so there is no need to rush to just get to zero duct tape.