Dubious Offers in Shop

I got a special offer just for me.
With blue gloves for Museum, but i finished them before a few days. This offer is dubious, because i should Pay for something that i cant use…

Then don’t buy it


I got that every levelup. Its geared towards players not making the milestones.

Had a similar one with green mittens during SR and another one of those with red mittens while Raid was active.

Smh…dubious threads


So what’s the issue here? Stop complaining about everything and anything for the sake of Christmas.

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It’s possible you could use the ascendance medals, or 20 Bradys. :slightly_smiling_face:

In any event, 99% of offers are not interesting or useful to me; there’s not much point complaining about useless offers.

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seems pretty simple with all offers. If you need or want what they’re offering then it’s up to you if you want to buy it or not. I myself bought it since I need the ascendace medals and the trainers.

In a decent world with a real customer service, this is supposed to lead to better offers and consequently to more buyers !

Here with scope, I agree there’s no point.



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