Dual specialists future

Scopley we all know that dual specialists was supposed to be great toon . Basically the next generation of 6* , until the f#### S class jumped to the game .
So far we have only 3 dual specialists(non S class) only 3 .
So why not bring back the dual specialists word map to the . And give those 3 snd future dual specialists a buff . (Not like the S class ) but somewhere in between the S and generation 2 6* . Since they required a lot of gears , trainers , special equipments…
And by the way more dual specialists from the current 6* and future 6* will be awesome.

Some dual specialists I would like to see :
1- bide/payback
2- Manic/tenacity
5- confiding / Disarm
6- wastnot /decapitate

And plenty more , go ahead scopley . Let us make teams mix from S class and dual specialists. It will bw fun for sure


Confounding/Collateral 2

Lightning reflexes/ confounding


I don’t want anymore Dual specialist considering Normalize is a thing


Since princess exists, I think any of those would be pointless imo

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Lightning Reflexes / Indomitable (Riposte)
Firestarter / Collateral 2 (Arsonist)
Manic / Evasion (Hypomanic)
Execution / Life Steal (Bloodbath)
Headhunter / Neutralize (Deadeye)

and the best of them all and i might gave scopely a bad idea

Command / Human Shield (Protective)

Yea let’s just throw these in there with the Mercer meta. Sounds like even more fun!

They need to come back on S-class but I would have liked them never being a thing at all and here we are so hahaha.
I’d rather them do other types of specialists tho since now we have odd leadership skills.

Yeah lots of nice dual specialists combos that people will purchase. If only scopely pays attention. Lately many of the new s classes have been meh.

The first one id like is a payback dual specialist. A yellow payback+command s class would be niceto have

We need a t1 confuse, now!

Bide / command will be more logical man , triggering both specialists when defending will be awesome.

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