Dual mods creation

Now that we have much and much more effects putting a set of 5 isn’t enough. Maybe add some more mods set or make dual mods, especially now That we have trauma, daze, disarm resist… If u use those u automatically disregard other ones like stun or impair and be in risque of being under those effects the whole time

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No worries that what in store for you in the future but for a price. Look at what platinum mods are going for.

That’s the dumbest idea ever, there always be a way to crack a defense if you cover everything why even play


They just need to put a resist all mod in the shop for $5k. Plenty of people would buy it. Do it JB :+1:

They just need to make a dual stun and I’mpair resist or taunt and confuse resist so u have an extra slot to add disarm or daze resist :wink:

I have already called this a few times, these are coming

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I disapprove. I think magna, yumiko and even Maggie would agree with me this is no good

Makes sense to me. Duel specialities are out. Why not duel mods. Taunt/ confuse resist, impair/ stun, maim/ bleed, yeah I can totally see this.

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Dual specialists is done. How do I know? They were throwing black flags out like candy…

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I bet if they ever do something like this, the ones requesting it will be the first complaining they can’t beat anything once it’s implemented


Happens every single time

I’m in no way saying its necessarily a good idea. That may be shooting myself in the foot cause certain mods on certain characters make them crazy hard to beat already either that or ppl think they are bugged bc they are modded out crazy. Lol. This could make seriously tough teams. And if you have a mod to beat every skill itd bc monotonous. Something this game doesn’t need. Lol. It has its pros but it has its cons too.

Yes. Dual mods are definitely needed. I for one would like more time out battles in war. :slightly_smiling_face:


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