Dual Michonne question

What upgrade should i do to her weapon I’m using attack mods on her btw…
Any suggestions?

I would just put huge bonus on attack and boost attack to 40%. Slot 3 seems pretty handy considering her specialist skill but if it doesn’t seem to be working maybe change to stun later

That’s like put stun on Amber’s weapon

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Keep that 3rd slot. Its killer. Her attk stat is so high, with mods and a good lead, she one shots most 6*'s, and does SIGNIFICANT damage to sclass. I love her lots.

Your comment just made me check her out again. Yeah, liking what I see. Thanks!

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Not at all. She does three seperate attacks so would give her 3 seperate chances to stun. Wouldn’t be bad.

Works well enough.


Yes but you have not thought that they would directly die with the strongest attribute bonus ?

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Or she kills one and moves onto the next one, stunning them? :thinking:

I’ve had her one shot sclass with her rush attks. 80% stronger trait chance is tatas. Dead>stunned

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This is correct.

Another bonus to keeping the 3rd slot og, is the potential to bump the attk percentage up to 40.

Keep that 3rd slot so she can deal huge dmg to any trait. I put crit set, with crit chance and crit dmg to boost her dmg. With christa and magna AS, sometime i can 1 hit a full health christa during battle