Drunk mistakes of rts

Putting Effort in Suggestions on the Forums

Opening all my Basic Token (About 4k) a Week before it was updated.


Went to sleep on a territory I was resonible for taking ! Nearly brought $150 worth trainers lol
Woke up to see the game asking for payment details !

Starting SR this week before remembering I was trying to get demoted to Plat 1. This will put me in Plat 4

Forgeting that i coukd daze DrStevens with my pryia

Thinking that having my phone in hand or the forum up on the computer (Looking at you "What are you listening to :slight_smile: ) while drinking is ever a good idea. Wake up and have to go through all the messages and posts and do a quick cleaning.

Collecting Aaron last night drunk now i have 3 and wont get the sclass version the joys.

Did 40 pull for family of 4*s, never again

Putting 3 maxed t3 toons in ygl, and forgetting to upgrade them before claiming :joy::rofl::see_no_evil:


Using my 5 stars to upgrade my james. Also using bennies to upgrade my other characters. I know sometimes bennies are good for leveling but in early game u need them for your first ascension.

This is probably the most impactful long-term mistake in the thread. Damn

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Oof. Hope they give ways to get Aaron cards down the line so you can finish him up

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Reading this forum

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GR?? Is that you? What are you upto these days?


Downloading the game, joke aside, probably spending all my coin gate coins on coining huge ap only to get very huge twice

Won my first ever levelup for 2,000 Princess cards then realized I wasn’t playing the game during the Princess event last fall and there was no 5* Princess to claim in the museum :tired_face::pleading_face::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

That’s odd, I got 2 5* Princess from the event and there is a museum collection where I can still claim 4 more 5* Princess

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thank you @Opie. See it now, it wasn’t next to the S Class collection in my museum. Add that to another dumb mistake by me


The museum is a bloody mess. They should reorganize it and have different sections for S Class collections, limited time collections, and so on.


Just did another one today - used 10 bradys when 2 would have got the toon to the max of 5star… Just thankful it wasn’t bennies


Yes it is a horror show, that thing badly needs Tabs, this mistake is not really your fault, it’s poor design.