Drunk mistakes of rts

What’s the worst accidental mistakes you’ve made in game? I call them drunk mistakes cause you were probably either drunk or wish you were so you have an excuse lmao.

Opening you got lucky missions before level up has started is probably the one I’ve done the most :frowning: not proud of it lol.


Downloading the game …


Selling pv on attack set plat mod

I tried to attack my own fac in war, got mad when it didn’t work, complained to support who were nice about it pointing out I can’t attack my own fac


Pulled Magna when she was premium and not realising for 4 days…


Probably waking up 4 years ago, to find I had been allocated Leader from the old inactive leader, and the… stupid decision to think ‘I’ll give this try’

4 years later and that faction has taken my best years.


But were you drunk? :wink::innocent::smile:

The first time I did it I was


Same thing, opening ygl right before a level up. Sad thing is I do that alot lol

Got a fight between 2 faction i was in, each one from different region, really weird

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Coming back from retirement


Stopping playing entirely f2p. For many many reasons.

This had made my week thank you :blush:

Haha that is great. Next time go for the burning car

Disassembling four defensive desert eagles with stun. I died the next morning when I couldn’t find them.

  • Open YGL before a level tourney
  • Bought extra roster space by accident, twice
  • Reset an AD weapon literally 1 min after crafting it
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I once was aborting scav missions very quickly and accidentally coined the finish to the tune of 4,000 coins. Failed the mission too


“Not drunk” but i literally just coined the wrong armory.

Opened YGL several times early drunk and sober…

Several times having had drink decided to spend money pulling for toons… shield Jesus being by elusive expensive try.

My best moment switching regions to collect league coin then panicking as couldn’t find my main region to switch back to… largely because id transfered to another region week before… my drunk ass blew my own mind there. Til eventually realised my error


I tried to attack in war many times while I was in reserves. Even tried for towers. Whoops

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