Drops on Arenas need to be higher

No way shape or form should you use 3 more more tickets without getting 1 useable letter. You flat out are not even giving f2p a chance to complete the premium collection off Arenas


Especially since there are 3 6 letter words and a 5 letter word.

Altogether 10 + 13 + 16 = 39 letters needed and so far only 6 (so I’m guessing a total of 9) are given for completions. Leaving 30 needed from Arenas. Say you’re averaging 1 useful letter every 5 tokens (as the rate reduces as you collect useful ones as they then become unuseful to drop again), you’re looking at 150 arena tokens for the collection. And 5 is being conservative.

I’m wondering whether it is worth trying for the max mods since it means you have to complete the 5 letter word minimum (and the 5 smaller words).

I’m at 5 of 6 so I’m going for them at this point the toon might not happen

Believe it or not got only 4 letters from 34 entries

i believer you~ cuz most of us are the same buckets. ill be happy with just collectibles~

I can’t even do the survival road one, not having s class and being level 400+ already, not unless there’s a tournament on Monday cough cough but that toon is way too got to be given away just for grafting. Compared to Zhu and Sergio he’s on another level entirely.

SR was nerfed recently, and is much easier now. Occasionally there is a tricky stage, but most should be smooth sailing even without any Sclass toons, if you’ve been playing long and actively enough to hit level 400.

[ETA] I don’t think it’s substantially more difficult than it was when I hit 400 last year. Needs some new tricks though; in particular you need to approach burning walker stages very differently from the other walker stages.

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Can’t get past stage 1 today so totally disagree it’s been made easy enough if you only have 6*s.

Which stage is that?

The letters is flat out Scopelys worst event idea since the last event idea. RNG is heinous and they know it. They have had a ton of feedback and have listened to precisely non. I’m not massively surprised by the letter drops at all.


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It’s doable with 6* and 5* now , not always easy (5 decap stages were a pain because of the restrictions) but possible . I have zero premium 6* (I’ve spent but apparently I’m in the “No chance in hell” bucket) and I can get through it each day using just those .
Although I am using a lot more 5* revive tokens than in the last 2+ years but they’ve been pretty easily available

As for the letters event , complete garbage .
Make them drop in raids , easy fix but Scopely doesn’t do helpful , and it might be doable ftp still but as it is it sucks

It was a yucky blue green v blue green stage on Saturday I think. Yucky. Priya would have blitzed it but…

I play all stages where I can take blue with:

Eric lead, Douglas, Regina, Michonne, Magna with impair.

You can just hit auto on almost all stages and come back 5 minutes later.

Michonne is replacable. Magna is unfortunately not easy to get, and the impair really helps, but if you can take green as well, Koa or Lee with AP down should also work.

It’s bad this round for me to, not 1 letter useful yet☹️


Lucky you for having Douglas and magna. And Kia and lee.

Those of us lagging with f2p toons (although I do have three blue disarm michonnes now) have no chance of getting past these levels.

Douglas and Lee are F2P. Magna was free for me (insanely lucky pull on free SC trial, of course not everyone will have that luck, which is why I suggested Lee as an alternative). Disarm Michonne is amazing, would love to have 3 so I could have different weapon builds; she needs to go behind a shield though.

Green/Blue is probably the best control combination in SR. Eric is a fantastic lead as he gives great survivability, AP down and Impair will help a lot controlling the opponent’s rushes, and plenty of recent F2P toons really work well in the archetype - Moira, BA Cooper, Stephanie just to name a few.

[ETA] FWIW, I don’t have Koa, and Lee is not ascended yet as I’m saving markers to get gear for Magna. Waiting for sales, so it’s taking ages…

Agree, this time. Douglas is F2P. Got my first from league store and my 2nd from a war pull, or a 5* wheel pull. Can’t remember. :slight_smile:

Jones isn’t THAT good for the effort it takes to get him in terms of money.

@CLIFTON87 nice attempt at math but some of the letters appear more than once and you only need to collect them once.