Drop your ideas for Michelle teams below

With Michelle looking pretty promising to be free to obtain (likely with the maps getting harder and milestones being difficult for some it will take some effort) I want to see everyone’s ideas for possible attack teams. Here’s my thoughts on some possible teams. Only one person changes because the others all have DOT, I just couldn’t think of another good toon for them.


Beta and ericka for defense only…bryan is a no lol. Michelle, davie, shiva ,red gov, and mira. This is just a random team i can’t see ur roster.

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I wish i had yellow shiva but i think her behind Michelle will be a really amazing combo.

If i could pick any toons and make a team it would be, Alice, yellow Shiva, Wayland, Harper to go behind her.

I’ve got those toons sitting around. Wanted to keep the theme of DOT. They have Erika and beta because michelle is a pure attack lead and erika could keep themselves going and beta lower their attack and takes them for a turn. Bryan just for pure damage.

You’ll probably want a couple different Michelle teams, one for more green heavy defenses (with more red) and one for more blue heavy (with more yellow).

The toughest defenses right now are human shield/revive teams so you’ll want your team to have at least some of the counters to that: focus, decap, disarm, debuffs/buffs and general heavy damage.

For a FTP team you could go with something like: Michelle, Kate, Red decap Sandy, Red Jeremiah, Naya. Kate provides focus and att buff, Jeremiah massively debuffs defense and then Michelle, Naya and Sandy’s rush can do heavy damage. Only flaw with this team is with no disarm, weapons may cause issues. Unfortunately there is no yellow or red FTP disarm. (Plus if you have red Sandy and you’re FTP, you definitely don’t have Bruce.)

For a non-FTP team you have far more options. Something like Michelle, Harper, Alice, Wayland, Marlon and Rosie for example would probably crush most defenses.

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Apex really doesn’t like healers/revives on attack teams lol

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The first team would be nice with beta instead of naya - I don’t see the benefit of her and fire started in a bleed team despite the DOT but that’s me personally,

White Shiva
Red Davie
Red Davie
:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: that’ll be the first team I test for bleed purposes

Can only trigger laceration one.

I know this. Using the second Davie is more of a bleed trigger. I’d suspect to get 2 toons per turn lacerated. :wink:

I’d recommend mixing bleed and burn. Rather than just high bleed.

Do high focused damage with bleed/laceration and then Firestarter can start weakening the next target.

Naya is a natural match for this… Get it… Match…


Hmm as for high damage I toyed with the idea of popping Marlon in place of the second Davie… dunno about the Naya part yet, but deffo something to think about :thinking: might not even need Erika on that team. She’s there for if things go south lol.


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I’ll try Michele shiva Davie naya wayland

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My team



Scopely! Make one more sentences with masks. Michel is need on CRW

I might try her with Harper Alice and Wayland…

But seeing how speed is the main thing to dominate the meta rn maybe Michelle with her active could help make a second turn rush team? for example michelle harper kate wayland and marlon. Thoughts?

Masks to the museum is certain!