Drop the hordes event will ya ... 3m milestone reward for nothing?

hordes have been missing for months now, no talk of a bug, nobody even showing a bug with the event,. Some liked it some didnt, there was not much other talk about it being broken, or at least no more than almost every other event / mode you have in the game

yet as a 3 million milestone you offer 1 refill as a reward (YE THATS 2000 LEAGUE POINTS COMPARABLE)

just bring hordes back, nothing else happening this week is there?


We have S-Class’ toons coming out thick and fast, we need a gear roadmap for these characters now more than ever

YET, we go almost another week with no solo events other than faction onslaught and level ups …

How are we meant to increase league points to ACTUALLY obtain some of this gear

Also, your handcrack radios and military watches arent getting any love lately, havent been a milestone reward or end reward for a time now


Gear roadmap, and an increase to ygl, 100k xp is nothing for these S-class


They can’t bring hordes back until everyone has a full team of S class and they adjust the zombies accordingly. Mainly because of all the precious little princesses that were complaining that hordes was too hard in diamond league

Or buff that gold one as 38,000 is nothing

A simple short-term solution is to not permit using S Class toons in hordes until the walkers can be automatically adjusted in strength based on the opponent’s defence team.


even some 6s that you trade in for s class will destroy hordes

It will come back sooner or later; they spent too much effort coding it to just abandon it.

The mode will need some adjustments to deal with the changes to the meta. It was already pretty weird, too easy in platinum and below, and apparently much too hard in diamond.

I’d rather they think about how to make the mode not suck before bringing it back. Onslaught has been much better received recently after the small redesign with faction milestones, no-rushing, and the simplified structure.

No, no more hordes please


This game is a time pit, why would I want to play a game I never accepted to play, hordes is beyond boring and it’s force feeding, we should be able to complain cause it violates our freedom and human rights


Also, why are Horde cans still in Leagues shop?

Shhh!! Stop talking and let this boring game mode die :yum:


They did buff hordes so OP is right, time to bring them back.Also taunt walkers is funny.:crazy_face:

Just run a LU, Sr and raid event on a 36hour loop to cover time zones as standard, then throw in different events hoardes onslaught blitz and hopefully some new exciting events imo

Look some ppl may not like hordes and that’s your prerogative. But there is those of us who enjoyed it. And we deserve the same respect. I have 51 horde cans. You can bet your asset we ain’t letting hordes die. I was really good at it and excelled at it. I want hordes back. There’s many others who do. Or I want comp for all the cans I’ve wasted league tokens on. And a equally rewarding event. Don’t hate bc you didn’t like it. They were a interesting addition to the game and helped f2p and lower levels. What’s wrong with that? YAY BRING ON THE HORDES!!! PLEASE SCOPLEY ! THERES JUST AS MANY THAT WANT HORDES!


It’ll probably come back over a year later like onslaught did. Long enough we all forget about it. But not long enough they improve it

The Onslaughts are fine in my opnion, due there great Milestone Rewards, but otherwise I fully agree.

Really tired of raiding so much by myself, just to get a good League Placement.

See i prefer hordes compared to onslaught, with onslaught my mods and weapons seem to be failing all the time. its only at the end of the fight when all is lost they seem to work

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You don’t need to raid for good placement at least it won’t take you anywhere, you need to do your arena hits, that’s where they unbalanced leagues and screwed up all competitiveness in real tournaments

Hordes suck ass, give us the option to recycle horde cans for a different kind and kill it forever

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