Drop Rates on Elite Gear Roadmap


So it would appear that after the outcry from many of us here about the lack of Elite Gear, Scopely have decided to throttle the drop rates on the Elite Gear Road map.

Up until today you had been able to replay the last stage at a cost of 12 energy and guarantee a gear crate which would then still be the lovely RNG for which type of gear you would receive.

I burned 2 extra cans today and received 1 crate.

Anyone else noticed this?

@JB.Scopely this is seriously wrong.


are you using double drop leads?


Wasnt guarenteed to get but more often then not if you used a drop lead you would get one.

I personally have had no problem today. Tho each run has been with Rosa and a drop leader for my helper.


Don’t use tokens. Double mediums will do it for ya.


Yeah, in my experience you are only guaranteed a crate if you use double drop leads (medium drop or better at least). This was the case before today as well, haven’t seen any changes.


Nope, the op is right. I used to just run them with my large drop lead and I got the crate almost every single time. Just ran it four times without a faction helper as usual and not a single crate.

Doesn’t come as a surprise to me. They have been starving us for basic gear for what like a year now?


No he’s not. It was never guaranteed with one drop lead. You say so yourself in your contradictory reply “almost every single time”


Only use Kenny most of the time and got 100% drop rate so far. Don’t use salvage tokens. shrugs


For whatever useless reason, the Ultra map on Thursday will drop a crate on stages 7/8 with just a bronze token, the elite map on Wednesday pretty much requires drop leaders to get the drop. Dumb? Yea. I’ve given up trying to make any sense of it.


Ah best comment on here. Thanks for the clarity!!


ive always had to run double drop lead on this map. the one tomorrow is the easy one.


Same here, tried now with dual huge and nothing


Same here


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