Drop lead or gatherer lead? Any diff?


Started using gatherer Morgan lately not seeing great results, should I go back to drop leads?


That’s what I was thinking ty👍


There is a difference: drop leads are good, and gatherer leads suck.


Gatherer might give marginal benefit if your faction has a lot of large drop leaders up?




I experience the same. Doesn‘t make sense, though.


Is there any proof or documentation of the drop lead increasing chances of getting rarer items like 4* or trainers?


Pam is good for roadmap xp, green Glenn is good for weapon tokens and 1* weapons about 1/10 try’s on roadmaps. Everyone else trash and should be used for Ascendance fodder.


Don’t think the drop lead roll is to increase the quality of the items drop, but to increase the quantity of items dropped. What it increases is how many items you drop per run with those drop leaders, thus improving the chance of getting something good to drop. Imagine (not factual numbers) you run a stage with no drop leaders and 10 random items drop. Run same stage with one drop lead then 15 items drop. Run same stage with drop lead and hired drop lead then 20 items drop.

Kind of like pulling from Premier recruit a single pull more than likely won’t get you the toon you want, but if you could pull 50 then you have 49 more tries at getting a lucky drop ie the toon.


I used large drop leader (Rosa) on world map, farming for gear whenever I can. Together with faction helpers, stages 13.3 or 13.5 this is most efficient.
I used the Green Gatherer Glenn (GGG) on the new gear road maps, that don’t seen to increase items drop numbers when a regular drop leader (my or helper) is used. There have been also a lot of event maps, where odds don’t increase when a drop leader is used. Using GGG gives you chance on weapon tokes frequently.
I use Morgan Gatherer when farming for shirt on the World Map on stages 6.x. Here a regular drop leader does not seem to increase the number of items (shirts).
So think about what you want - it is very situational.

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I agree with Glenn being useful bc I too have netted a couple thousand weapons tokens. I actually use the gatherer Morgan in my main team bc I haven’t gotten a better impair character. But, I don’t use him in world stages bc I’ve found the drop rate is not very good, and when they do drop… it’s junk items.


Has anyone actaully got the pk/tape using that glenn ? I’ve never once heard of anyone doing it


The difference is drop leads increase the chance of a drop for every entity killed. It doesn’t affect the rarity, but the more items that drop, the greater chance of those rare items dropping.

Gatherer leads have a chance of dropping a crate in addition to the items being dropped regardless of number of items collected. They will only drop what is in the associated crates. Morgan lead will drop the upgrade crate occasionally but it will only result in one of the items. If you were farming for say hiking boots or the like on 13.x stages it would probably be more beneficial to use a drop lead because you can receive them on top of additional gear to sell as food rather than the chance to get a single piece from the crate.

The only real exception is Glenn as a gatherer lead because you don’t get weapon parts as normal drops when farming, but that is only specific to roadmaps and is only a small chance.


I’ve had him for a while now, and I never have.


Large drop for world stages, gatherer glenn for roadmaps.

Gatherer Morgan sucks, pam is okay because she does two things at once.