Drop crates galore

So I have around 3k yangs. Out of all the crates I’ve collected, I’ve acquired 100 cones, zero keys and a tremendous amount of yangs. Is anyone else having any luck out there?


They have resetted our bucket chances to zero percent, keep on surviving


Nope! Haven’t received any keys or cones!!

U have 100 more collectables than me, over 10k yangs

May have gotten 1 crate with ice cream in it or I may have just been daydreaming. I’m full of Yang. Got about 3,485 right now and 20 Yin. I dont think Scopely understands what Yin and Yang actually mean just like they dont understand what shotgun shells are


You must be in the unlucky bucket, sorry.

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Shotgun shells are for them fancy super automatic assault rifles right? lol

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I’ve received may be 1 key and 1 cone open in all the ones I’ve had. I have 8k yangs and redeemed 8 yin/yang tokens in the stash

i have like 5K yangs

200 blue keys. 100 ice cream. Almost 13k or raid score. What a farce.

Same dude. One set of keys. Many many yang

15k in Yangs 200 ice cream no keys

I got 100 ice cream cones rest was those stupid yangs

9k yang.
0 keys, 0 cones.

I got 200 or 250 blue keys on like my second open. Thought they’d be at least a little more available. Went the whole rest of the time with nothing but the yangs… Guess I just got lucky early.

The buckets in poopleys server rooms are overflowing with yangs, so they’re bailing them out. Enjoy not being able to spend them on anything.

5,500 yangs
0 blue keys
0 ice cream cones

Woot woot just got a hundred keys

so that’s 100 keys, 5210 Yang (and maybe 100 ice cream or i may have just day dreamed about that)

They just added (TRASH) collections to trade for this yang itens overdose

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