Drop Crates, during Solo Raid!

I know it was announced that Drop Crates would only be dropping, last solo raid, but I would like to see Drop crates more often they don’t have to be for every raid tournament but, I thought it made raiding alot more fun when those were dropping, imo


Why not for every raid tournament? The items were nice but not game-breaking. They’re going to have to loosen up with these S-Class collectables. So yeah. Put them in there, it’s what makes for a… dynamic raiding experience


Considering last raid I hit over 2400 and walked away with only 20 keys, it doesn’t hurt them to run the drop crate every raid event


I thought they said it would be throughout all raid tournaments from now on?

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Now I know to save my cans

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I’d go 1 further and just say all raids full stop (period if American).


I hit over 4000 last raid and got around 70-75 crates iirc. But i got 0 keys. So yea, not gonna be much help to anyone, even if they let them drop all the time.

Exactly. And that was only keys. Now we have ice cream and cake to try and collect. They could put 20 and 200 of each item in that crate and have it as a chance to drop every time we raid and it would look like a good gesture on their part

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Those crates need improvement by far but it was enjoyable even tho I never got keys.

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I would love if they had that crate drop with every solo and or faction raid. I feel like more people would get involved with the tournaments for the drops.

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Makes no sense. Last raid… 10,000 trophies for me (I got a fair amount of keys)… this raid, 2,400
Milestone and stop.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely the rewards are so bad they aren’t even worth competing for. We need more motivation. The crates were nice… some higher milestones would be nice (of course keeping these the same).


True, but:

This post was after the raid tournament with drops, and explicitly states that future raid tournaments will have this bonus. To be fair though, it does not state that all raid tournaments will have them, and could be read as stating that some will have them.

I think the other milestones are the same; maybe they are trying to get data on how much these crates incentivize additional raids.


I’d like to see these drop in tourneys too. Plz :pray::pray:


Wish I could say was surprised. Scopely does something that is well received by the players and community, in this case drop boxes for raids. So what do they do? Take them away very next event. I think they need counseling for passive aggressive disorder.

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Pretty sure they said there would now be in raid events☹️

S-Class Collectibles are going to be more widely accessible through engagement-based modes:

Raid Drops (found in “Drop Crates” during Raid tournaments)
Daily Roadmaps
War Crates
Tournament Milestones (coming soon)

Yep they did Tournaments

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