Dream CRW Match Up Everyone Wants

@JB.Scopely For this upcoming CRW please do AP vs SB rematch with FKR and Dead Reckoning in the mix so we can finally determine who the best faction in this game is.


Brace yourselves, triggered notorious fans incoming

Popcorn is popped :smile:


Why would they be triggered? They know they had to triple team Dr just to beat them.

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Ohhh that bait is nice, dis gon be a good show

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I actually don’t think they will be triggered at all. Think about it, if Dr was in Notorious position and notorious had to fight TTT, SM, and DR. Absolutely no chance in beating them. they need shields to win Crw and they know it. They already know this and Thats why they won’t be triggered.

Back to topic please @JB.Scopely make these 4 factions fight each other.

Dr sucked. They’re barely top 10

DR? Never even heard of them. so don’t see why they are even in the conversation. AP, SB, FKR, TTT, Not are the top

Are you serious? They had to be tripled team and still gave everyone losses.

24 losses over a weekend is not a top faction.

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So you are saying that they cant win but they can if they use shields in crw… Im lost now as you are going back and forth

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24 losses means you aren’t even in the same league.

I could careless about these clowns matching eachother. As long as they don’t match us idc.


Yea but we have to hear about this ego feeding D measure contest all the time and its just soo uhhhh again

TTT and SM are Notorious shields so they can slow down other top factions that are better like DR.

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Have Dr beaten anyone worth mentioning here?

from what is in the other thread - it’s supposed to be AP vs. Notorious. someone did highlight that Notorious IS in the same region as S. Mofos and Tropos. That would put them at a big advantage over AP unless Colbert has equivalent top factions. AP would have to battle Notorious, Suprize Mofo, and Tropos at a very fast pace to keep up - is that even fair? Notorious should wait for the region matchups and then switch to a region to fight AP.


Again - who the hell is DR - I don’t think they should even be on the radar as a top faction. I think we all know who the 3-5 top factions are.

Exactly Joe and Notorious knows that they got extremely weaker and needs those two factions help for Crw

DR is Dead Reckoning from white region