Drawing therapy

I’ve been struggling with depression recently really bad so started doing some drawing. It’s a great time killer & you’re so focused on your drawing that you dont have time for intrusive thoughts.

Not finished yet, kinda at a point where I’m trying to figure out where to shade.

Very sketchy but I like it.

Started drawing a random fitness model from Google, dont really feel I’m advanced enough to do much more but was fun to try.


if this was your first time taking time and doing this stuff then its a great start

I drew a little as a kid, never really got into it as I very good & didnt really get the whole “practise makes perfect thing”.

I try to stick to things that are quite easy in shape, like Pokemon, as I’m not really that confident to try other things yet.

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Please don’t get it wrong now but I do believe this forum is the wrong place for such sensitive topics.

And yes, drawing is a good way to deal with these issues. Perhaps getting in touch with people who deal with similar illnesses can give you a new outlook in life too.


You win, damn I wish I could draw😔


Good drawings there @Stryder very skillful :blush:

(I too am from the Lostboy school of art lol)


Well done, they’re really good :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also terrible at drawing. I wanted to take Art at school and was specifically advised not to :joy:

Really good @Stryder and im glad that you are gaining some relief from it and sharing with us :blush:

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Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

Those are some nice drawings stryder! Kinda reminds me when i was in art class in hisghschool. Good job!

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Looks good, I am thinking of doing some sketching too as it is quite relaxing indeed.

I was going to try some of the portraits from this game.


But that’s gonna be some serious shading


Get you a few cheap canvases, starter set of acrylic paint and a couple brushes. Then let your emotions / creativity flow!

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Nice mega man :grinning:

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I just played through megaman 1 to 7 and Megaman x to x3 so was kinda at the forefront of stuff to draw.

I graduated from it though did you?

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not bad if you havent drawn for a long time.

there are lot of videos on youtube that will show you how and where to shade. A good place to start is to draw still life, put a plant, a trainer, empty pop can in a little display in front of you with a light source somewhere and it will start to show you how the shadows should fall and where you should be shading.

Also for relaxing and depression those colouring books where you have to colour them in with very fine pens are supposed to be good for this.

Also take up fishing or boxing/kickboxing. Fishing you dont think about anything other than fishing so is good for clearing your head.

Boxing/Kickboxing is a good way to let off energy and also the poeple you will meet and mix with and he family environment can be very good for you. Getting punched in the face can be character building lol

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btw can someone slap me, i made a serious post for once lol

No I failed which was even more concerning.

After being rejected from art school, Parker decided to enter politics, and joined the Council.
I’m sure this story has a happy ending lol


Choose making chain mail instead. Like a medieval times, form of knitting for stress relief.