Drastically reduced Lilith drops from world map

It’s been two or three solo level ups since I have consistently pulled Lilith as world map drops.

I was on a really good streak and acquired around 15 of them, but I haven’t gotten any in weeks.

Favorite stages: 13.4, 13.5

Is anyone else experiencing the same? Some people in my faction have pulled, but they are playing world map stages 20+.

What gives? Can’t level up legendary AR’s without her. Or are we expected to ‘pay’ or ‘hit milestones’ to acquire her moving forward?


Yep 100%^^^


I’ve only gotten ONE Lilith since Scopely released her into the world stages drops.

I’ve tried so many times with dual Rosa leads. Heck, now regular 1*, 2* toons don’t drop for me. So everyone who managed to get 10+, you lucky SOB’s.


I had only gotten her once like 1-2 months ago. Dry streak until yesterday where I got 2 drops in 1 day. It’s a very big hit or miss because her drop rate is just low.

definitely reduced, haven’t seen one for about a month. I have farmed 5 total before.

Try 23/8 stage. Lilith drops there. Two farms and go.

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Initially when 6* started, I got several Lilith’s from 13.3.

However I got just 1 after relentless farming for over a month now - most of the time with dual drop leads. Same observation by my faction mates also. It’s definitely nerfed.

Never had a Lillith drop, and I farm 13.4 constantly. Nor a 4* weapon in weeks. Guess that’s RNG for you.


And having written this I get four 4* weapons from 13.4 this afternoon, including two from just one stage. Must complain more often!


Used to find Lilliths ALL THE TIME on 23.8…now drastically reduced since they have been giving her out more as a top prize…smh…good ol $copely

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I still haven’t gotten a single Lilith from world stages since launch…


The nerf happened over a month ago.

Yeah, dry spell for a few weeks now

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OP had 15 I’ve had 0. Rather than it being nerfed I would say you were a lucky ■■■■■■ and should be happy you got 15 when some of us haven’t seen a single one.


like usual… they want to sold everything in the offer tab. When they will see that only 10 ppl will play to the game… it will be too late…because plenty of ppl are leaving because of too many things could be bought only by money,

Yeah, you were very lucky. Be happy.
I have never once had Lillith drop. And I’ve tried constantly since she started dropping.


Not a single Lilith has dropped for me for the last few weeks of grinding the world map. I’ve been doing 13.3 mostly. Nothing.

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not single lillith has dropped for me EVER! so i dont know if it is reduced :wink:


I get one every 2 or 3 weeks or so, very rare.

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I find it hard to believe you have gotten 15 from world map

Either way it’s extremely rare and you if true got extremely lucky

Only ever had one drop on 13-3 (well much better odds then a 5* dropping from tg)