Draft mode removed from arenas

2nd week in a row + they removed tickets from Sr and level up milestones and there’s now 2 classic modes where ur team get worn up guess scamly getting more and more greedy, here’s the result of being loyal and spending now they want more and more

@holdem - We had to put Draft out of the rotation of this sprint as we wait for the latest version to be force updated.


They took it out so non whales have no chance of winning in arenas.


Draft doesn’t work anyway now against the top teams

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@GR.Scopely whilst your around can you find out why the arena ticket has been removed from level up milestones and if it’s coming back ?

@Zrawtony - Leave it with me.


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Wait, someone actually wants draft back?

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That is absurd. I’m a non-whale and I have less success with draft arena because I get to choose RANDOM characters (even IF they are “meta”) with their default weapons in many cases, but I get to face up against a whale team with perfect weapons and a team that is aligned to maximize each character’s effect.

Unless we get the choice to move the characters drafted around (I don’t think that I have EVER had the first choice have a leader skill) and go back and re-select characters after we see what the later rounds grant, draft will probably always give a huge advantage to the whale defenders.

The answer is simple, Areana is going to be 100% p2p soon . Even the free entry will be removed soon

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Don’t make up lies.

you can definitely move the players you draft

Well, I guess that I’ve been doing THAT wrong…LOL

Still, it ends up being 5 relatively random characters against a team that may be optimized to work together.

Thats why you look at the top five teams before making a selection.

leader skill never applies for draft mode anyway, so that doesn’t come into play, even with the team your facing. i think mods are also disabled. however, i agree on the point with the weapons. picking draft toons that do not have bound weapons is best, but its all luck of the draw.

I hate draft, would be happy to never see it again.

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I hate draft also - having to pick a selection of 5 random toons where you don’t know what you will be getting next vs optimal opponent S Class teams with good maxed weapons (5* weapons too now)

It should be changed so that we get to pick 5 toons from a selection of say 20, to give us a chance to be able to pick 5 toons that will work together and the fixed weapons on toons should either be automatically upgraded appropriately (E.g: Medium AP -> Huge AP) or allow us to optionally replace with suitable weapons from our own inventory, otherwise most of the toons with fixed weapons are useless.

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