Draft Mode Is Broken

Most of the 6* are just too weak to do anything against teams that have toons outfitted with many veteran rings. I lost more 50% of around 20 matches in the arena. These toons need to have veteran rings added. Until this is fixed I’m no longer focusing on this mode.

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2 Docs 2 Zacharys and you literally cannot lose.

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Except if you can’t select those in draft


Out of 6 entries for draft a couple days ago, I got that combination 4 times. And even if you don’t get them, as long as you know how to build a decent team it’s really very hard to lose.


No, its random if you will lose or win. One time i got double doc and double heng yen and i ripped thru every team by turn 2 it was over for anyone in my way, another time i didnt get doc at all or a disarm and lost each fight. Has 0% to do with skill and 100% to do with being in the right bucket. Also their weapons are not upgraded so doc stevens is a must have toon, leader skills and mods dont work and a disarm is a must have also. These things need to be addressed somehow


that is the whole point of this mode, you get random characters which you have to utilise creatively. it would be boring if you could choose exactly who you wanted each and every time.

Agree… draft is my fav mode :slightly_smiling_face:

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Scores are fucked to… meant to go up not down

my highest was 6.1k this after 4 trys

You dont need doc to win at all on draft. Lll of the times I’ve drafted I’ve picked the doc like 2 times. And that’s every draft since it first started

Yup draft is broken

It’s really not that hard. IMO, draft mode tests whether or not you’re actually skilled at the game.


How do you have 62 tickets? :rofl:

It’s domination mode so highest single entry score :thinking:

few of us over 40k in plat 3 others beating S10+ cant get past 6k per team

Cause I don’t use them lol

Are you in plat? If so i really need to demote from diamond

that is D1/2

am not a plat 3 player am here coz cant be fucked doing rng fest fights Also how fuck am meant to try for rank one when i start at 6k and goes down and not up??

Not what i said, i said it is rng dependent like everything else. Some like to talk about the “skills” they have but really, even if spending money, it comes down to rng. Turn 1 you dont stun, disarm, impair anyone but your team is all stunned, you lose not based on skill or even money but on randomness. That is what i was saying, i have got shit toons to choose from but that was once, before the s class toons were added, still depends all on rng at the end of the day in this game.

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Scores seem pretty fine to me, wonder why lool