Draft mode design?

So someone got paid to design this abortion? Defense teams get all mods and slotted weapons while attack teams get no mods and no weapon upgrades on toons with fixed weapons? Yeah thats a great idea! Awesome game design that i can’t use any of the toons I’ve spent so much time and energy building up!

Overall arenas sucks the donkey but this mode is one of the WORST!!

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I don’t want to use my sucky toons lol. Gimme those whale toys


So…you wana go back to idk mayby Onslaught.
Be creative.Draft is best arena so far.


No they dont get the mods but yes weapon upgrades

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This is actually my favorite arena! I do well with it even on just one free entry. 2 Amber, 2 zack, and mia swoon:heart_eyes:


To hard to play with the whale toons. I lose more then half battles with them toons.

I thought it was supposed to be ranked by highest score. I just retried and only scored 14k and that’s the score they kept. So my 20k score didn’t stay and dropped from 20 something to 50.

Take a bit of time to learn their AS and AR before leaping into an attack. There’s a reason they smash you normally lol

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So, just like with any new toon, you just have to find the new kill order of enemies, use actives, etc. Once you figure them out you will love it too.

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cause my defense sucks…

So my best score came with Regina, holly, Michelle, Charlie and doc Stevens. Don’t get me wrong I tried all the teams with Mia Pete amber just failed with them.

Lol, don’t take that attitude. You can do fine with draft teams, just takes a little practice

Got to say this is my favourite mode, love using those toons I can’t afford :hugs:

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Yeah, since lead skill, weapons and mods have no affect there, you’d probably want to focus on damage potential exclusively, then slap in a revive/healer just in case. Your docs will come with t1 actives. Pop that immediately, then his t2 rush bumps 2 damage toons for rush. Always rush the leader, as most op toons (amber, zach, dale) hit all enemies this way. Sure way to ko the whole squad

The Draft mode is a way to test the whaley toons and try to fit some strategies, the toons should be indicated whtat toons could be available for the Draft and use gen 1 on a group and gen 2 on other, or both together…

Is an original idea in my opinion, just need some tunes

Draft is the :poop:! Albeit domination mode. :roll_eyes: I would never own Axel. I enjoy adding him to the team. Definitely my No. 1 Draft Pick. :joy:

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Apart from being bugged, I am actually rather enjoying arenas. The old school mode is best. That said I wish it was no ascendables at all not even in 5*. Keep it properly old school.

I would enjoy it but it’s messing up my leagues and pales everything else I do into insignificance

This stretch doesn’t matter though. All others will and trophy count for it is waaaay too high for a daily event with 5 attacks. But at least being in Home stretch means we can save our tickets

I’m dropping the hints so it can get fixed before it starts mattering lol. I won’t be staying in Diamond if they keep it as it is. I can’t.

Hope you’re ready Platinum, I’m comin down so you better get this party started

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