Draft arenas is the biggest pile of **** going

title sums up my thoughts on it


I like drafts cause I use toons that I’ll never have a chance of using or getting.


Agree. We get to draft some nice toons but since most have bound weapons we get stuck with them at crappy stock levels. No leader skill advantage so we are slow to rush. We also can’t use mods meanwhile the defense has all three.

Off topic but I also hate how the winner is determined by who’s willing to shell out cash for the most tickets. Once again making it not about skill but only about $.

Pretty f$#%$% stupid.

Old school is the best. Stick with that.


But they basically at half power with no weapon or lead skill.


it would be better if you could draft from every toon and not a select 5, the fact the weapons have 0 crafts on them and 0 mods on the toons your not getting to experience them fully anyway

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Hard not to agree with that.
A reminder of the game that was :frowning:


Old school is the worst reminder of why that era died. Do you want my t1 blue teams or t1 yellow teams? But I have to say we already close there with s class :<


Daft arena sucks


And so the other side . Maybe the weapons are the bad side effects but the leader skill is useless in both sides

would be nice to revert all 6 stars to 5 stars

I’ve seen games do that , hero hunters, they drop all chars to a certain level and max all other stats

so everyone has a even ish playing field

I have a few 5 stars level so it’s ok but I know others wont

Based on the differing opinions, it sounds like one man’s shit is another man’s favorite food. Or something like that.


one man’s trash is andbother man’s treasure

Yes but that is like racing two Ferrari’s with 100 hp. Guess what neither are Ferrari’s.

T1 teams are fun as hell. F defense. You don’t control it and you can’t see it.

Why anyone cares about defends is beyond me. You have nothing to do with it. If you defend it is because the rng gods were with you and the crappy AI didn’t make a complete @ss of itself.


What fun is zero strategy? There is no strategy to rushing jesus and viktor t1. Like lebron retiring to play YMCA ball.

I like drafts, anx it’s a chance for testing toons before you decide to pull or not

Choose pete and see how many hours it takes for him to rush. No one would take him if they went off draft.

As opposed to those just paying for the best toons in the game most of which are completely unobtainable for anyone who is f2p and then hitting the auto button over and over. Yeah, that’s some strategy.

If we wanted to play a game of skill then every war people should be given the same exact toons with the same exact weapons and mods. Then it would be a game of skill and require strategy and teamwork to win.

Old school is just fun man.


does anyone set def on arenas

I’ve given up lol

You dont have to pay for best toons to be competitive.