Draft Arena Problem ... 0 Scores means a massive Drop in League Standing for Many players

A Full 24 hours from the initial bug being reported there hasnt been any kind of recourse for many “beta” players who experienced the Draft Bug … For some myself included, it was stuck on the 2nd character choice and when you pressed your choice it would crash … after a while it was stated that the problem was fixed … it was noticed that the ticket used was missing and rather than “ATTACK” it asked for another ticket … again the problem was not fixed and ended up using and losing tickets before the crash.

With that said, it still wasnt fixed at the end and only after it ended did players (myself witnessed) the mission stating to play arena once was completed

BUT 0 scores means no league points were given out so many had a massive drop from top 5 to around 30-40th place.

are we meant to just go on like nothing happened.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely is there anything going to be done about this at all?


+1…very good point sir

Hello Player,

We see your problem. As compensation we have put a fantastically priced offer in the shop for you. Why not purchase it and blow those tickets on playing catch up?

Keep Surviving,

Your loving Scopely team


Perfect response. Just the right level of GFY

Yes, going to be tough to not be demoted now. Way to reward the people willing to do beta testing by screwing them on real account… easy solution is give 10 arena tickets to place higher on an endurance arena

even giving 10 tickets isnt enough of a compensation, youre talking about dropping around 25k-18k league points respectively. even if you got 1st for 25k, youre still missing the draft league points.

even if you were mid ballin’ it on ALL events, 2 at 18k is better than 1 at 25k (1st)

Yeah, i’m in the same postition, was placed around 20-30, now i’m 59 in diamond

I dropped from 2nd to 18th

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im 62 in this moment

There no answer, no compensation, wtf? I had the same, the problem was on the toons with personal weapons, so i got stucked pincking out the second toon. I couldnt even scored 0, just “Have not participated”. And they remain silent :rage:

its simple, they dont care

oh well, at least we got Mr Jones as compensation

I love how current Arena allows you to spend a ticket before giving you the finger

It is weird I’d love to be d1 but here I am d4 with zero spending. Most people are not trying for league rank it shouldnt be that hard to move up if you have a pulse.

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@Clemo81 - We have pushed the version 22.0 last week that should solve most of the issues encountered previously.

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