Draft arena needs to use *default* bound weapons on defense as well

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely defense in draft arena should use default weapons for toons with bound weapons, same as attacker.

Draft arena is really unfair due to default bound weapons always being crap while your opponent has fully upgraded (aka Huge AP on attack) weapons. Combined with the 1.4x multiplier on attack, you rush on turn 4 or 5 while they rush on turn 2 or 3. You’re dead 2 turns before you are even ready to rush. This makes most toons with bound weapons useless in the draft.

Both sides can’t use leader skills or mods so why are the opponents allowed to use their upgraded weapons on bound-weapon toons while attacker must use the default weapon? On toons with bound weapons defense should have to use the crappy default bound weapons just like we do on attack.

Anyone here on the PU council able to bring this up?

Draft is the worst of the bunch. Impossible to team build if you don’t know which toons are coming next. And yes, the bound weapon discrepancy is absurd.

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I actually really like it other than the default bound weapon discrepancy. Yeah it’s rng on the draft pool but I think of it like playing Texas Hold’em You work with what you’ve got. I also really like being able to play with toons I’ll never get because I’m mostly f2p. To continue my (ridiculous) analogy, the bound weapon thing is like your Texas Hold’em opponent has Jacks & Kings wild and you have no wilds at all. It’s not an even playing field.

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