Draft Arena Issue Update Discussion Thread

Hey all,

Please let us know what you think of the Draft Arena Issue Update here!

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Cool, I was not effected personally, but If I was, I would be well pleased with coin payout, thats a nice touch in my book.


When you guys will fix the draft arena mode himself? What the real point of keeping offer useless weak toons to select when we have the toughest defenses ever? Yes, is very possible to face double Traders with Dorian and Mia :+1:t2:

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Better bring back old league system. Now arena is :poop:

I’m glad compensation was given for those championship tickets and delayed rewards. Thanks for making a statement here on the forums .


Not sure if league points rewards got counted towards ranking if the player was offline, but I do very much like that the compensation is specific based on tickets earned. Enough with the “gate” nonsense, where everyone gets the same compensation regardless of the actual impact.

Well done for owning up to the mistake at last and compensating fairly

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