Draft arena is aweful

What does a good draft team look like I dislike all the toons I dont have


Yep it’s difficult with the toons and weapons being offered

Draft only makes sense if you’re forced to build a defence team from the draft toons on offer, so like plays like.

I keep saying there should be one mode in the game where money can’t speak and arenas draft would seem to be it. Build a defence team on the same rules as attack and it would all be even Stevens.

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I used to like Draft when It first came out but now that whatever toon you pick some have fixed weapons where you cant change them out meanwhile the opposing team has all weapons maxed out which makes it hard to beat half the time

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yep, doesn’t make any sense. a bunch of 4 stars would be tougher.

Only reason we all like it is we play with toons we’ll never have a chance of getting nor pulling.


Would be more interesting if the def team is also made by a draft, with similar toons and weapons. No now point to try to win with a half usefull draft team, even if the toons on it are good, against a fully levelled team with 5* weapons.

I dunno what everyone is complaining about I love the whale simulator™ @Parker I mean draft
Never lose, get the best around ain’t never gonna keep me down… Love it, very helpful in case they come in promo I can use coins I’ve been gathering for 2 years for a 100 pull


Ça suce.

All toons are out dated most dont work. And takes longer than 3 turns. Locked guns that aint modded no mods on the toons. Then you fight fully modded doc pete av teams…

Until the draft defenses gets sll maxed 5 star weapons and mods, and the atrack tesm limited to use built on useless weapons snd no mods its a joke. It supposed to be both side on same chances. It was sent as a ticket, talked through forum , reported , brought to team but as always nothing happened. With new s class toon defs its impossible to get any chances.

Seems dumb that they don’t put the new toons in more quickly. Surely getting to try em out would generate interest in pulling

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