Draft Arena got tougher?

When Arena first started, the Draft was really cool to try out some awesome P2W characters. I could hammer a few teams and did alright, got some rings etc.

However, I think something has changed, perhaps the introduction of the free S Class characters, but the Draft, in my opinion is now tough as nuts. I now get hammered by some average teams.

Perhaps might be because I have jumped 1 or 2 leagues, and fighting tougher people, but seems to be like when the AI was tweaked?

Anyone else having an issue?


It’s because of jumping leagues. Whilst I was in Diamond 1, a score of 50k in domination mode, would have got me a guaranteed top10 spot, if not better. Since getting to Diamond 4… well, let me put it this way: 50k in Domination gets me 33rd. :sweat_smile:


It’s because every Defense team has James or Christa on it.

It just pure shouldn’t be allowed. We can’t draft S Class, so why are people allowed them on Defense?

It’s ficking stupid and makes the mode pointless


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