Dr Stevens worth it?


Is he worth it? Or save the points?


They’re far too overpriced in the depot imo


Yeah I’m in the same boat. Never enough Liliths or Adens. Not sure I’ve seen Aden on a decent sale in my SD. How much is he on an extreme sale?


As burzly says, adens or sr zeke, dr stevens would have been an excelent additon when 5* were still viable, but nowadays he isnt viable and only reason sr zeke is , is because of his fast buff, even then i think im moving towards glenn just for survivability


I’ve been using Glenn instead. Just seems like for ever to get his AR to go off for that much needed buff lol


Not worth it in my humble opinion.


My attack team still uses Sr Zek, but only because it buff’s my team (carl, shiva, shiva, zek guardian, Sr Zek) Usualy if Zek buff’s my team it is a guaranteed victory


I bought him just cause maybe he will be ascendable one day in a few years. Plus he is guardian so I can use him on sr for now. He’s a good 5 star which means unusable against 6 stars but good for other stuff.


Very true. Its Just those few raids when he gets killed before his buff goes off and it’s all over for you lol


Doctor stevens is ideal for SR and faction assault exspecially since yellow zeke and doctor stevens complement each other because of the crit stevens give and both being guardian. Bonus HP is the real mvp in faction assault along with guardian never know if you have a requirement that doctor stevens can fill after u may have used yellow zeke or plan to save him in a later hit while doing faction assault. Overall imo he is worth it.


Agreed. Just used him for both this past week. He’s underrated.


Don’t forget you’ll need 7 multi-tool knives to get him maxed too.


Mine is t4 level 1 and collecting dust :confused: he isnt on my priority list right now but I see his use.


Another reason why I was considering getting him. I Have 5 multi-tools I bought ages ago on sales gathering dust.


I’d at least wait until you have more markers. I always try and avoid being close to 0 of anything in this game.


Probably won’t get him on a decent sale any time soon as well :thinking:


You can guarantee that much :wink:

The trick is to convince yourself that he’s not worth it. You’ll be sure to get him on sale after that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If u have carl lead… tank out SR zeke… SR zeke is not a good lead anymore but with a tank wep my SR zeke has just as much hp as a 6*… more than carl actually… using this wep…vvvvv


So I already have a yellow walker team consisting of: Drop Lead Rick, 6 star Zeke, Carson and a couple heals. Should I even bother with Stevens?


SR Zeke definitely still has a use in this game. One of the very few 5* that do.