Dr Stevens legendary broken

Player Name: Moses
Faction: An Action Faction
Region: Bullock(En)
Device: Samsung
What was I doing immediately before encountering the event?
I was finally finished leveling both Dr. Stevens to 90 and upgrading them to legendary having collected all the markers.

What happened?
I didn’t notice there still was a troyce for buying 2 more Dr. Stevens aka 5* Dr. Stevens instead of the 6*. I accidently bought the 5 when 6 was my goal. Now I don’t have any markers and no more to be found anywhere.

Is there a way to fix this or am I in the dark for 6 star Dr. Stevens? Any help would be appreciated.

You need to message support with this information, nobody on the forums is going to be able to do anything.

You can do that in game or via the website

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I had this exact problem. I contacted support in game stating what happened and they did a roll back. They said that it was a one time thing, so be careful in the future.

Keep surviving!