Dr.Stevens Is A Weapon, Not A Toon & Broken

Faced multiple S-rank teams with him and he fits perfectly with them even IF he doesn’t benefit from the leadership skill. Stack defensive bonuses on him and you got yourself an AP boosting weapon called Dr.Stevens. This weapon is broken because of how fast it allows toons to activate their adrenaline rushes. Scopely really messed up when they decided to get greedy and release an obvious end of game chatacter.


He was a pain in the balls when he first came out but I don’t find him too hard anymore. Disarm him and negate the AP gain. :man_shrugging:

Negate disarm, x2 Dr.Steven and some teams you can’t afford to focus on Dr.Stevens on the 1st turn.

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Laopo loves the good doctor

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Disarm and daze help

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I got a 65% daze resist mod it is pretty beast on him.

Disarm, daze, taunt, confuse, stun all things you can use against him or just stop the command toon so he can’t go off turn 1. Exhaust is another option

Zander is for him.

Disarm and his command.

He’s been out for 6 months. You’re just facing him now?


Yeah first time I have seen him this war he is pretty sweet toon.

Lol this reads like a resurrected post from a year ago. Doc has been around for so long alrdy. I thought newrly all active players would have docs alrdy. I suppose not.

Fixed it


It is ridiculous how powerful he still is. On release he was so op.

I honestly think Scopely should make some characters that DON’T attack and are just there to be support/medics. Because it’s ■■■■■■■ stupid that doc Stevens has those 2 dumb syringes

Laopo’s impair and daze also works

Doc Stevens needs a buff imo. Obviously I wanna put him together with four attacking toons but its annoying when my Diego occasionally gets one or two rounded with all the red teams around.


Yeah. I missed the free doctor Stevens offer.

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