Dr. Sloth here to help you


Greetings dear forum members, I see a lot of overwhelming hatred and anger around here, so I decided to come over. Feel free to visit this thread whenever you had something bad happening with you within the game. Here you will find support and people like you, who share the same trouble. Health is everything, be healthy :man_shrugging:t3::heart:
Inb4, no, this sofa never used in 18+ castings or creating war rewards.


Dr. Sloth, I got screwed yet again by rng, I got yet another duct tape from a dt-pk bag, the last pk was 2 months or so ago. I’m now at 8 dt - 0 pk. That is all, doc… I mean the last frustrating thing to happen.


Greetings mak, I feel you… I have 4 radio and zero watches so I can’t upgrade any 6 toon, I have 3 pk and no tape. What we need to understand is - we can’t affect rng, it does not depends on our actions and that is just the way this game works and what makes it fun, causing different emotions from bitter sadness to absolute joy. Only thing you can do is to give it another shot and stay positive! I believe in you and wish you a great fortune in a war to come ! Cheers m8


I probably need to rename my account for replying in this thread lol🤔


Good luck to you too in the war, mate.


The sloth fucking lies, I’ve been on that couch!


“Random girl name”, is dat you?




It’s 2:18 am Sloth standart time, see y’all tomorrow, feel free to express yourselves and help each other while I’m resting. Nightly night sleep tight :sparkles:


Or maybe just put in a request for a title “Dr. Sloth, Ph.D.”


Rofl, that’s a great move for sure haha


@kalishanekindly don’t forget to visit me from time to time, I’ll buff your hate resistance, heal those private messages debuff(no private massages I assure you(I have paws or wtf are these idk)).


You’re the best Dr. Sloth. Thanks for the sick PMs!


I love Dr. Sloth :heart_eyes:


Doctor Sloth, Scopley gave me a Fucking 3 Star Michonne in my five star tokens, what do I do?


I have 16 beanies and 0 flaks, ask me how I feel


You contact Support Vibes, they’ll give you a free pull.


Will Dr. Sloth succeed?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it