Douglas: Weapon and Mods

Hi All, if there is anyone that is using Douglas right now, can you guys post mods and weapons that you have for him? I just maxed out his 5* version and want to get ideas on how to set him up since he’ll need crit stat somewhere for G2. Thanks!

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Crit damage would be better for bottom left, but I don’t have that mod.

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i will use almost the same mods but defense set. because i dont want him to do more damage with a crit,i want him to survive and heal my teammates


Yea def or hp set would be ideal. Graze or ap down depending on your shield situation.

Crit damage set of mods aren’t that useful on Douglas.

One thing i dont like about crit sets, to get the best for what you get with the crit set, 2 mods are needed. Crit chance and crit damage.

I feel those need to be combined since they are one part of another.

It’s like having attack damage and attack chance if misses were a thing.

If trying to maximize overall damage output, I suggest…

Defense or Hp set

Crit chance

gold burn and bleed mods

Fast trait dmg resist

Impair resist is nice to have on healers, or any resist to an ailment that gives your team issues helps as well.

Burn and bleed mods work quite effectively together on one toon and better outputs dmg on tank toons than the crit dmg route.

For better control

same as above but replace the burn and bleed mods with either a gold hp or def mod with ap drain.


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