Double toons in the same team (Lori in this case)



I’m now playing with 2 Lori in my team, and i have a problem with both of their active skill and rush : when I activate it at the same time, logically, all my team should be concentrated or have +60% defense and attack. But the game doesn’t take in count the first rush or active skill when I active the second, and I also have sometimes only 3 toons concentrated or 4 toons with stats bonus. I don’t think it have been made on purpose by Scopely, also, could you please fix it ?


As far as I know, only certain stats/effects are applied specifically to certain characters if they meet the requirement. Heal, for instance, usually works on the lowest health character. Pain Split, would apply to the highest health character. Applying other buffs, however, has never had an AI pattern to prioritize characters without the same buffs.



It’s been this way for over three years now.


If no one complain about it, it’ll probably never change, but if Scopely recognize it would be more logical to change it, we may have a chance ^^


Im also was wondering about it, if its RNG or a pre-determined via the stats or something


Just like when doing a multiple target rush. It would be nice to be able to select what enemy gets hit with second or third attack. I guess that’s just too complicated of battle interface for scopley.


Lol, if we complain about it, it seem that they ignore it even more… has been like that for a long time, they don’t care


For the moment, it looks like they’re trying to fix old things that should have been fixes since a long time, maybe they’ll fixe it too
I mean, if no one talks about it, the problem will not solve himself ^^


Some one has an idea about how to make it more visible for Scopely ?


It is not a bug. When hitting an opponent with AR it supposed to randomize the buffs…but there there is a mechanism that sometimes the buff effect goes to same characters. So if you apply focus or +60 def 2 times, this can affect the same chars.
This happens to me too with 2 shivas…sometimes if i attack with AR the same char, the second time confuses the same toons again, and if i attack another one, then it confuses that one and another already confused…so 3 total.


It may not be a bug, but it’s illogical in therms of strategy ^^
As they fixed the fact that human shields was activated against zombies, they could do this improvement to make their game better ^^


If the improvement doesnt make more money, then take a sit cos its gonna be years before they do it.

The only kinda improvement ever made on a pretty same subject was when you had weapon that granted extra AP to a teamate at the beginning of the turn : it used to be always the same and they made it random. After 2 years.



Might not be illogical in terms of strategy. It might be a key factor as to why someone would pick a character that gives buffs to all teammates over a character that gives buffs to 3 teammates, simply for that all coverage over RNG coverage.


But in this case, when you chose to have two toons that boosts 3 other characters, it’s logicall that their rush used at the same time boosts the entire team. Or too me it’s logicall X)


For my part, and it might be the same for other players, I’m ok to give money to a game when it is a game that I think it deserve money. TWD RTS is bad optimized, have a lot of bugs and, to my mind, strategy problems. Also for now I will not pay the game. But I could do it if they fix all of those problems ^^


That has always been the problem with the RNG and AI in this game.

Digressing a little bit, you can already tell from auto-ing that the AI algorithm is pretty primitive.

Can’t tell you how many times the enemy is left with one toon on a sliver of HP and my team goes crazy with actives that do crap - impairing, focusing, elusive and the list goes on - all instead of finishing the enemy off.

Or impairing a stunned toon, like how the hell is that even supposed to help.


I totally agree with you, but in this case it could not make you lose. But in the case with Loris, I have 2 toons that neutralize, and it happens that when I use their active skills, not any of her are concentrated. I also have to fight against human shield and reviving toons without being able to neutralize.


Again, I’m not saying what’s right or wrong logically, but at the end of the day, it’s what developers have planned it to be.

IMO, I think the fine because it adds a strategic choice. You may not think it’s fine, so it all depends on how developers want it to be. It isn’t a simple “it’s a glitch.”


I didn’t meant it was something new that appeared, but I thought that if a lot of topics were complaining about it, it could maybe change. I also wrote this topic ^^


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