Double shield bug?

Has this happened to anyone before? I was raiding a team with 2 Jesus shields and they were both shielding simultaneously.

I didn’t get a screen cap of it, but I ended up winning the raid with one of the Jesuses(Jeezi?) alive. Lol definitely a glitch there.

Anyway just wanted to convey this bug.

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Well, 3 would be a trinity


It’s not really much of a bug.

Mechanic wise, multishielding is a thing and the opponent can select any of the targets that is shielding.

This is more of a bug on the ai behavior. In the case of multiple shields, on a turn to turn basis, the one with the highest hp shields.

From the screen cap, it looks like bonus hp is affecting the ai in some manner.

I think the cumulative hp from actual hp and buff would be the one that shields.

Judging from the ss, the one with the most actual hp is triggering and ignoring the other for shielding since they have the highest overall health.


Did that possibly happen only after the center leader character died?

Yes this has happened to Me a lot since the update!

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Yes, this has been reported as a bug in the latest version.

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