Double pulls = duo teams! Are those effective? Hell yes!


Hey, I’ve seen some comments about pulling from 3y tokens yet another Governor / Richard / Anna etc. And people frustrated because of that. Well I’m not.

Post your best ideas for duo teams. You can find two Erikas or Herahels teams out there, it’s a killer combination, but I’m more interested in more common toons and unusual ideas, like two Romanovs with different mod sets or two Governors with different weapons.

Go even further and show me those 4 Gov teams :smiley:

Please share how it works for you and if it’s worth it or proovr me wrong. Thanks!


I had pulled 3x Aris and thought about a combination of all of them. One is ready and already in use. For the second one I try to give her AD. Could be a Bad combination behind my blue garrett lead.


Double Aris seems like hell near end of the fight. 3 sounds scary!


Hold my beer I have an idea


Aris is only good behind a shield imo


Pretty much every toon is Good behind a shield…


Too bad I didn’t pull any dupes. Wait, did I really just say that?


The mod on your Lydia, is it best to stack the hp or defence


Just I was thinking switching my mods on tyreese over to Lydia, any clue what would be best


3* bob? 3* red alert michonne?


Was Going to try all Green Glenns before mods came out Confuse stun and command every round might be funny and trolly.


lol could be interesting, Carl Glenn Glenn Glenn Koa/or any G2?


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