Double Lydia team suggestions?

Just pulled a 2nd Lydia. What sort of teams would you build using 2 Lydia’s?

Have magna shield only, lack Jesus shield / koa.
Other recives on the roster: Dante , violet, Erika , blue Carl.

Thanks :+1:

None. You don’t need 2. Best off with another healer in there as she only provides bonus health and defense which leaves them susceptible to bleed/burn/maim dmg and applying a second defense does nothing to help.


Create a second team for towers or territory


As every1 said lydia is best as a one off aince she doesnt actually heal people.

With those revivers, i’d run either:

Green Carl (assuming you have him), Dante, Lydia, Violet, Magna

Dante, blue carl, magna, lydia, violet

Knowing what other toys you have to play with, would help.

If you really want to run double lydia, go:

Dante, lydia, magna, lydia, violet

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Show off haha !!

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Yeah Dante or yellow ty would be the best bet

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