Double katana Michonne 5☆ ascendable please

Id say we need double katanas michonne 5☆ to be ascendable, as she was once a beast for her impair for 5 turns, scopely pls.


If they make her ascendable. They will nerf her rush to impair one for one turn.
She will join the list of garbage legacy toons.
Don’t expect anything different.


this is one of my wish to see her ascenable tys for mentioning

I’m of the belief that if they know what you want, you’ll never get it…

And if you are lucky enough to get it, theyll do something to ruin it and make you regret ever asking

I have wish she would be ascendable someday but this is scopely

That or they’ll make her impair her own team for 5 turns.

What about a 6* prestige Michonne? It seems like having to wait literally years to unlock and level her up should be worth something, right?

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upgraded through gear gained for finishing prestige 14, 15 and 16 :smile:

With five star tournaments coming up in fine keeping her how she is

I’d love priya to be asendable, the most I’ve spent was on her and she was a beast! But probably be disappointed and everyone has her now…

Teresa is first on my list. Not that much people have her so I’m hopeful. A toon Scopely can still sell is a toon they’ll monetize sooner than later…


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