Double frost sclass question

My main sclass frost i left his rush at 1. To shield as long as possible.

Just got second sclass frost. What would you do with the second frost? Raise is active rush to revive and be annoying?

Or have both frosts shield as long as possible?

Im leaning to max the second frost rush.

Theres a payback shiva sclassbehind one frost. Also strickly defence only use team.

Would love feedback ty

I dont know how much a shield is usefull after S.class kenny and princess

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Why do you need 2 shields?
Level him for what you need, endurance arenas or tower team? can’t see another reason for a second Frost but if it’s for one of them pretty much it will be just like your first Frost.


Youd be surprised how many people have 2 frosts


I guess the same that can’t score points in war cause instead of getting atk toons they prefer 2 frosts that won’t make any difference in their game :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


double s class frost, with double s class trader and pete
stun focus and impair


That’s a terrible def team, easy to beat this team with a F2p t1 Lilly, Princess, Aarav, Rick and doc.