Double drop lead nerfed?

I’ve noticed over the past couple days that I’m not getting nearly as many weapon drops from farming as I usually do w/ double droppers. I’m talked about 3-4 weapon drops when I used to get 6-7 minimum. Anyone else noticing this?


Yes I agreed with u am hardly getting any drop even when I use two large drop leader

Noticed the same - they may have forgotten the drop leaders when making the latest changes.

I Agreed

Nah I bet they did it on purpose.


always just did a single med drop and spoils still seem the same to me. still netting atleast 1 4s weap a day.

I bet there are old parts of the system that nobody really wants to touch - so perhaps on purpose but not necessarily for profit. They seem to spend more time creating new annoying popups and messages, plus finding ways to burn through our world energy refills - THronged THursdays for example - Roadmaps gone Wild.

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Rosa and Gator are useless now - Confirmed.

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Been a while since we had a “I’m going through a dry spell so the only possible explanation is a nerf” post.

Of course, if they had actually nerfed drop rates everytime someone claimed Scopley had nerfed them we’d be lucky to get a single wrinkled shirt per run

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I noticed the opposite. A 4 star weapon literally every day on both accounts with large droppers, plus more varieties of gear and items and more frequent 3 star and 4 star characters dropping

I assumed they’d boosted the drop rate

It has nothing to do with a drop-leader now, Pablo. Pure RNG.

I’ve been getting less a few times even with both item drop chance territories and 2 large drop leads. I’ve used to get over 51 (max and rarely) on area 14-5 and now I haven’t gotten 51 items over a week. I would usually get 45-47 and now get 35-47 more frequently.

It just depends. Maybe your luck has vanished fora bit

It seems only the highest dropper is applied nowadays

I don’t know the drops have always been bad for me but me and factions mates are getting a heap of 4 star characters on the last stage I think it’s stage 23

Weapons drops for me haven’t been good for a long time now, I was kinda hoping it would change :slightly_frowning_face:. I have picked up 2. 4* weapons since the last update. Before this last update I would get maybe 1 4* weapon every 6 weeks or so :slightly_frowning_face:

I have burned so much energy farming before & after this update. I haven’t seen a 4☆ weapon or Lilith in so long I can’t remember when the last one dropped. Congratulations to those of you with the lucky RNG.

Drop Leads definitely still work!

You’ll see more of an impact on earlier World Map than late zone World Map now that late zone had their base rates increased to make up for their energy costs, but they do still work everywhere.


That settles that. Nice.

Have tokens had a much needed Buff.
It seems like it.

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