Double collection

No double collection for laopo and Zach?
Seems there are two collection for laopo? Both are at max level 90 so it seems they are both for the none s class version?


Maybe its a mistake and the double collection will pop tomorrow

One is the s class one isn’t

Both have 90 level max so one should be 150…

One is S class one is regular, hit character profile.

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Press on the (i) icon and click character profile. One has the s class symbol, one doesn’t


Think 90 is good why point this out


And honestly guys why actually keep pointing out that the level requirements are at T4 90 and not T4 150?
How is it a bad thing that they haven’t corrected that?


Agree not something to bring out


Zach has already been in collection, ive changed it and now its not showing me this one… so nobody has double collection?

I hope there is a double collection

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Think its a bug again, for me it looks like two maxed 6s for both collection, and my question is why got two? But remembered priya also got this before, one 500 rvc and one 250 rvc, was able to collect the 250 one even if i have an sclass priya already, but the 500 one cannot…

Please for the love of…, get ur melons together!

@GR.Scopely hey GR, what about the combined collections?

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It would be better to not add a double collection this time around as many have already used cakes on singles.

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How do you know that? I know I haven’t

I havent, i was waiting for the double collections

to me it just screams BS, the amount of months ive been waiting for a double collection…these 2 toons pop up and bam, no double collection …

i know its not but it always feels like im being punk’d on this game… again it is entirely coincidental and its not all me me me like alot of players feel but timewise it does feel like scopely has the drop on who has what

But as long as the Super whales got their fill of 3200’s at the start to give them a much higher boost

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Or what happend to Survivor Collection 7, 8 and 9 they just have disappeared
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Morning guys,

Let me see with the team what happened there :slight_smile:



Exactly the same it’s like they know I just dropped the soap in the shower☹️