Double Chances on Pulls


Wow, oh my god, so amazing, that’s basically gauranteed right?

Hope no one pulls another OP TBD rush welding warrior tho…

(Scopely will learn one day)


If it’s even possible to pull her that way shes not in the museum either


Your sarcasm sucks dude


Lol I did a 10 pull with coins from league. Ended up getting 10 6*s…

JK my game crashed and reset, and coins were deducted so I don’t know who I got or if I even got the pulls.


Same thing happened to me on the last promo I did a 40 pull game crashed coins were gone but the toons were in my roster


Given my roster of like 3000 characters, I know I didn’t receive a 6*, but I don’t know if I received 5s or 4s lol


Double the chances? more like 1.59% chance rounded up to 2%


The chances of a 4* is doubled too


oh im defo gonna pull now. nope!


I am getting sick of Scopely getting away with this “tbd” character description.
And 2%, wow, that definitely makes a difference


It’s clearly their method of getting around the VK leaks. Can’t get hacked if you don’t put the information in the game for it to be hacked…


Vk had her stats b4 she went live


Testing out this 2% odds and worked out for me :slight_smile: Single 10 pull, Sophea right out of the gate, 6* Aaron and another 5* XD Thx Scopes


Nope, they aren’t.


I don’t think Sophia is a game changer (first impression)


Why do you think they offered double chances?


Too complex to change the code. They just change the jpeg from 1% to 2%


shes there. when you get her the full dossier is available.


Shit i got aaron lol and there are no sophia with 10 pull


I did 3 single pulls …