Double attack special effect on weapon

I’m testing some combo with double attack effect on weapon but idk why it seems not to work how i expected. I’ll give a couple of example.
I’m using a Blue Hollie guardian 2 toon with weapon double attack. I assumed that when double attack procs, and it result on a critical hit, guardian 2 should trigger 2 times aswell, but that seems not to work.
So since i was thinking of making a priya weapon with double attack and destruction 4, has anyone tested it? Can destruction 4 proc 2 times and hit 6 times if both the attacks are critical?

Guardian does not work that way. Only two guardian shield can go up per turn.

To answer second part, yes, double attack and make pryia trigger for 6 attacks


Guardian 2 only procs 1 time per turn, even Holly can crit two times it only applies two shields and no more

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