Double attack rush and payback

Why does Double attack rush still trigger negan payback but on the other hand it can be block technically toons that do 2-3 attack for their rush shouldn’t trigger payback since their rush can be block and we all know that RUSH CANT BLOCK so why does toon that 2-3 attack still trigger negan payback…can someone please explain

Because it is an adrenaline rush


Is a normal attack or adrenaline rush? You can get weapon triggers off it.

I understand how it works but can see the confusion for some.


I can understand a little, but it breaks down easy

Did the character use their adrenaline rush? Yes. Payback can trigger, doesn’t matter what the rush is, it was on an adrenaline rush.

But their rush is regular attack so I don’t see why it would trigger payback but it can still be block


Not sure I will ever get it but thank a lot

U are doing to much damage on the rush. U can ar negan without triggering payback on certain toons

Again, the description of pay back is taking damage from and adrenaline rush or active skill. It does not matter what the description of the adrenaline rush, if damage comes from it, payback as potential to trigger

Side note, payback can trigger from waste not skill of the damage comes from adrenaline rush

It’s still an adrenaline rush, just consisting of basic attacks. Subtle difference, but sensible one

I’m on board with u. This is a design flaw although I suspect they did it on purpose to sell more negans

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If Payback did not trigger on multi attack rushes then that would be a huge weakness and Negan would not be as useful or OP. Michonne would clear him like nothing. I’m sure that was brought up in his design, they didn’t want him to be easily countered.

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Since multiple attack rushes trigger Payback then they shouldn’t be allowed to be blocked by abs def not should they trigger reflect damage

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Multi attack rushes are susceptible to AD, impair, stun, reflect damage and Payback. That is consistent. Is there an outlier or something that it isn’t effected by?

The subtlety is in the wording. Bruce, Michonne, Louis, Sandy all perform an adrenaline rush when you hit the button. It is quite clear that those actions are an adrenaline rush. Literally says it on the character card.

Negan deals payback based on whether the damage being above whatever % it need to be and whether the damage was received by an adrenaline rush or not.

The fact that those character’s andrenaline rushes consist of basic attacks isn’t relevant where payback is concerned.


This is a case of the developers deliberately changing the rules on us in order to make more money off of payback specialists. Multi-attacks are considered to be non-rush normal attacks in every other area of combat, except for where payback is involved. In my opinion, it’s a poorly thought out decision.


It’s an adrenaline rush. I don’t see how people are getting so hung up on it
“Yeah but AD blocks or blah blah” and the attacker also has the benefit of THEIR weapon processing (confuse, stun etc). Maybe if it was one sided you would have an argument but it’s not.

It is normal attacks that combine to make an… wait for it… adrenaline rush


How did they change the rules?

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By Scopely’s definition in their combat reference guide Multi Attack is an Adrenaline Rush effect. By the explanation of Payback it states Adrenaline Rush or Active Skill. It does seem pretty cut and dry. Multi Attack is a form of Adrenaline Rush and therefore has the chance to set off Payback.


what about if the char has pain split? and the other char gets rushed I wonder

If double attack is a rush that also trigger payback why is it susceptible to AD in other words can be block ?? That’s the confusing part