Double attack on one character only

I have a double attack weapon and was under the impression that if an enemy died after the first attack, the second attack would be on a different enemy character. Is this not the case?

that is not true, it only hits one character. it’s ARs that can possible hit more than 1 when it says they’ll do multiple attacks.


Thanks for the info. It seems backwards. It doesn’t say it’ll only attack one character in the weapon text but it does on the rush for Dwight, Michonne, and Bruce.

@CombatDevIl any way you can make the info text match the design to avoid confusion?

There’s also a specialist skill called waste not, that might help ur second attack to be done on the next char

Will do second hit on other character if the first opponent dead

Works on my tough toon(s)
No matter Tyr or some other five stars

Not for me. I have double atk on tyreese 6* and he definitely doesnt do his second attack on another char if the first one died.

Multi Attack Adrenaline Rush is different from Double Attack weapon effect. Double Attack is a simple extra second damage with 150% potency (it cannot trigger defender’s weapon effects more than once as Multi Attack does or change target).

Dwight’s rushworks double-time every time if you go and shoot a stunning toon opponent don’t expect it to shoot off a second one if it gets stunned the first shot that’s why you shoot a non-red person first then the second shot that kills that will kill a stun opponent and Dwight probably will be stunned after

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